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Collaborate with the City

Learn more about the City of Aarhus, both as an organisation and as an innovative and experienced partner within a wide range of areas.

During the past ten years, Aarhus has been one of the fastest-evolving growth centres in Denmark, and this course looks set to continue. For the City of Aarhus, trade in goods, knowledge and competencies is an important aspect of internationalisation. Aarhus possesses considerable insight and knowledge, which it is ready to pass on while at the same time being inspired by others, both at a national and international level.



City Council

The Aarhus City Council is the city’s supreme authority in terms of decision-making and funding, and makes the final decision in cases – the so-called recommendations – from the City Executive Board.



Learn from Aarhus

Flexicurity, urban and business, childcare and schools, family and health, culture and leisure, the environment, organisation, eldercare, other services.




Aarhus has valuable know-how and experience from hosting successful national and international events within many different areas such as, for example, The Tall Ships Races, the EEFA Under-21 Championship, the Northside Festival, the European Capital of Culture 2017, The Volunteering Capital 2018 and host of Sailing World Championships 2018.  



International Relations

Aarhus wishes to contribute to strengthening its citizens’ international outlook and support diversity. Through international relations, we acquire and impart important know-how.



Visiting the City of Aarhus

With the aim of strengthening the city’s international network and share expertise, Aarhus often welcomes international visitors and colleagues with a professional interest in specific fields and Aarhus’s core strengths.



The Organisation

As one of a very small number of municipalities in Denmark, the City of Aarhus is run by a City Executive Board. Use this link to learn more about the board and the municipal departments.



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