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Aarhus has a lot going on and a lot going for it. Aarhus has four unique and differentiating characteristics

Key differentiator 1: A city that takes on the big challenges


We love a good problem

Our city might be the smallest big city in the world. But that does not mean we are afraid to take on the big challenges. Sustainable energy, health, food, productivity. We excel in all four, and though we don’t claim to solve the problems single-handedly, we do claim to make a significant difference.


Key differentiator 2: A city that works together


Where 2+2 actually equals 5

Claims of collaboration are plentiful in the world of city branding. Few can back it up with substance, though. In Aarhus, collaboration is a way of life, not a hollow statement. To us, making good use of other great minds is common sense, really, so who cares whether you’re in the exact same line of business?


Key differentiator 3: A city that is hungry to experiment and rethink


Making a habit of breaking habitual thinking

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, some say. We disagree. We’re always hungry to explore new paths and rethink our habits. Though business as usual is easier we just can’t help ourselves. Maybe it’s in the water. Wherever it is the desire to experiment runs deep.


Key differentiator 4: A city with a pragmatic determination to do better


Others hope to do better. We expect to

It’s not something we brag about. It’s not a strategy or a slogan. It’s barely something we think about. But it’s there. The belief that we can do better. That improvement and efficiency is a choice rather than a possibility. We are relentless in this matter and
we don’t give up easy. No matter the subject, the Aarhus effect is always futherance.


Opdateret: 17.11.2014

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