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The Docklands

A New Maritime Urban Area

Over the next few years an entirely new, large-scale city district will emerge in Aarhus.

The city’s former industrial harbor will be transformed into a new urban district. On the former Northern Docks a new canal district will emerge, with inspiring and varied architecture, sustainable buildings, an efficient public transport system and with recreational promenades and squares. 


A large harbor square will act as a direct link between the City and the bay. Two significant building complexes, flanking the harbor square, will house a number of educational and research institutions and the city’s new main library.


The first residents move into the area in 2012. When fully developed The Aarhus Docklands will house some 7.000 inhabitants and about 12.000 workplaces.


Bente Lykke Sørensen

Bente Lykke Sørensen

Development Secretariat for the Aarhus Docklands

Telefon: +45 89 40 23 54

Mobil: +45 51 57 64 18



Opdateret: 27.1.2015

Afdeling: Mayor's Department

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