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From Housing Estate to Urban Area

Within the next 20 years Gellerup will be transformed into an attractive and diverse urban area close to the city centre of Aarhus

An international challenge

Gellerup is a deprived housing estate with almost 10,000 residents. The problems characterising Gellerup also exist in many other countries: A modernist, anonymised housing estate from the 1970s. The area is mono-functional, i.e. exclusively a housing area without any businesses and only with a few public institutions and a shopping centre on the outskirts of the area. The residents are primarily families with social problems, among other things a high unemployment rate. In addition, the area has many ethnic minority families. At times the area is also characterised by vandalism and trouble, which makes it difficult to attract other types of citizens and reinforces the impression of a deprived area.


Positive aspects of Gellerup

Beside the challenges that Gellerup faces there are a number of positive aspects of the existing area. These provide the basis for an optimistic approach to solving the problems: The area is not run down, the flats are good and well-maintained, and renting out the flats is not a problem. In addition, the city collaborates closely with the housing association in the area, and there are structures in place for the development of citizen involvement and residents’ democracy. Finally, the housing estate is located close to the city centre of Aarhus.


The overall plan for developing the area

A group of advisors has been appointed to pool the many conversion proposals into one overall plan for the area. This plan has been consulted and approved by the residents of the area and City Council and within the next 20 years the plan must be implemented by the local housing association and the municipality of Aarhus.


The overall plan for developing Gellerup includes:


  • Park renovation with improved lighting
  • Opening up the area with new infrastructures by establishing a main street and making it possible to drive through the area
  • Densification of the area with the establishment of different architectural styles thus allowing the residents to get more attached to the area
  • Demolition of selected block of flats in order to give room for new housing types and a park area
  • Establishment of more institutions in the area including educational institutions and care homes
  • Relocation of 1,000 workplaces into the area including minimum 500 from the public sector
  • Development of a proper business area in order to attract jobs to the area and create symbolic value  


Read more about the Masterplan (opens new window)


Per Frølund

Head of the Gellerup Secretariat

Telefon: +45 89 40 22 45



Opdateret: 27.1.2015

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