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Sister cities

Since 1946 the City of Aarhus has had sister cities and over the years it has turned in to seven distinct sister city collaborations: Bergen, Göteborg, Turku, Kujalleq, Rostock, Harbin and St. Petersburg.

The different collaborations have amongst others resulted in business-related activities as the sale of know-how, cooperation in the commercial area and business deals, where international partners place their trade in Aarhus or vice versa. The collaborations between Aarhus and the different cities has also enabled learning, a boost in competencies and knowledge sharing, marketing and branding, as well as to build useful international networks and partnerships between the City of Aarhus and the sister cities.


Sister cities of Aarhus

Bergen, Norway (new browser)

Gothenburg, Sweden (new browser)

Turku, Finland ( new browser)

The close cooperation between the Nordic sister cities and Aarhus is amongst others due to the historical and cultural ties and their national position as second cities, as well as the interest in exchanging experiences with cities in countries whose political systems and welfare are similar to the one in Denmark.  


Harbin, China (new browser)

The collaboration between Harbin and the City of Aarhus is especially focussed on businesses purposes though the collaboration and exchange of knowledge also evolves around areas such as culture and education.


Rostock, Germany (new browser)

The City of Aarhus and Rostock has an ongoing friendly dialogue where amongst others knowledge and cultural exchange gives great insights in common societal situations.


Kujalleq, Greenland (new browser)

The collaboration between the City of Aarhus and the Kujalleq municipality is based on historical and cultural ties. Amongst others there has been collaboration within social and cultural areas and exchange between employees has provided new knowledge and insights.


St Petersburg, Russia (new browser)

Since 1989 the City of Aarhus has had bilateral agreements on cooperation with St. Petersburg and the on-going collaboration ensures valuable insights for both cities.


In addition to this, there is an ongoing collaboration and friendly dialogue between the City of Aarhus and e.g. Nova Sad, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Hamburg. The City of Aarhus is also involved in a number of ad hoc collaboration projects, such as exchanging experience, with cities and regions all over the world.




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