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Heat in Aarhus must be independent of fossil fuels

Project: Biofuelled combined heat and power station

AffaldVarme Aarhus (waste and district heating service) is building a combined heat and power plant running on biofuels.


The plant is part of the city's Climate Heating Plan designed to increase multiple-source heat production, making the Aarhus area independent of fossil fuels for heating within a few years.


COWI is assisting AffaldVarme Aarhus as prime consultant.


More details on the project


Read more about the target project here.


Niels Jakobsen

Chief project and Market Manager


Mobile: +45 29 60 63 41



Quote COWI

"The Danish energy sector has a wealth of expertise within straw-fired district heating plants that makes us the world leader.


That's thanks to legislation which has required the sector to use a certain amount of biofuels in its mix. Consequently, we've overcome all the teething problems, and can now build plants based on standardised technology that works."

Niels Jakobsen

City Council decision

The City Council granted funds for the planning and engineering of a biofuel-fired combined heat and power plant and district heating pipeline on 6 November 2013.


Updated: 11.5.2016

Department: Technical Services and Environment

Comment: City of Aarhus

Phone: +45 89 40 22 13


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