The new suppliers will cover the transportation related to Kaløvigskolen, special classes (specialklasser), special kindergartens (specialbørnehaver), students in modtageklasser, praktikkørsel, treatment facilities and leisure activities.

Important information - Read this link: Information about new suppliers for transportation from February 20th 2023

The new suppliers are:
- Vikingbus
- PP-Busser
- HB-Care
- Aarhus Taxa

Questions/answers in connection with the start of the new transportation agreement

Aarhus Kommune is legally required to find new suppliers regularly. The last change in suppliers was in 2016.

No, it is not possible. All transportation must be distributed between the four suppliers.

Yes. A primary driver is assigned to each route with associated reserve drivers, to the extent possible. There may be deviations in case of acute illness.

The transportation is planned as fixed routes.

This means that the taxi/minibus follows a fixed route with one primary driver and primary reserve drivers.

Times of departure and return are planned, considering driving with others.

The routes are continuously planned and organized, and you must be prepared for minor deviations to occur.

It is a fixed route (same addresses to/from) – fixed time – fixed driver.

Example: This means that the citizen can have several drivers (for example in the afternoon) if the transportation home is chosen on Monday at 14.00, Tuesday at 15.00, Wednesday at 13.30, Thursday at 16.00 and Friday at 12.00. In this situation the citizen has five different drivers in the afternoon and in addition, there may be reserve drivers. It is therefore recommended that the same time of driving home is chosen every day, as far as possible.

Yes. Adjustments will be made on all runs.

Your child will experience new children in the taxi or minibus, a new driver, new routes, and a new pick-up time in the morning.

We will do everything we can to ensure that the changes will be as minimal as possible for you and your children. However, you must expect that there will be changes.

You will be contacted by your new driver when the planning is complete, which will be no earlier than February 15th, 2023.

You will not be notified faster if you contact us by phone or email. We can provide the information when the planning is complete, which will be earlist February 15th, 2023.

Yes, if you are signed up for our text message service now, you will continue to receive text messages from February 20th, 2023. If you receive daily text messages from The Office of Transportation now, you will continue to do so going forward.

We are aware that all new impressions may take some getting used to. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience so that both children and drivers can have time to get to know each other.

Should there be issues with the new transportation after a while, you are more than welcome to write us an email. Our email address is Please describe the issues that apply to transport.

We do our best to ensure that the new transportation applies for the rest of the school year, but when this is said, you should be aware that we constantly receive changes from other parents/schools in relation to the children’s driving patterns. In addition to that, new children are added to the driving schedule and others leave – which can cause deviations and changes.