Danish municipalities are working together to ensure that nursing homes and other primary healthcare services have enough personal protective equipment available, such as face masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, single-use protective clothing, etc.

In addition, we would very much like to hear from manufacturers of personal protective equipment to other sectors, e.g. industry, construction, veterinary clinics, dental clinics or any other alternative product in use as personal protective equipment: safety glasses, alternatives to hand sanitizers, etc

Contact: coronavaernemidler@aarhus.dk

List of items wanted:


  • Surgical masks, type IIR and/or type II with or without shield
  • Alternative 1: Type FFP2 and/or FFP3 with or without shield
  • Alternative 2: Full-face shield

Protection glasses

Protective gowns

  • Long-sleeved, resistant to fluid penetration
  • Disposable long-sleeved aprons

Gloves in all sizes, approved for medical use

Hand sanitizers, various volumes (approved for disinfection: 70-85 % ethanol)

Preferably in these sizes: 

  • Pocket (100-150 ml)
  • Suitable for dispensers
  • Hand sanitizer with pump (500-1000 ml)