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International Relations

The world has grown much smaller, and we are all much more dependent on each other. Decisions and events which take place far from Aarhus have a significant impact on life in the city and vice versa.

Openness and an understanding of foreign cultures is a precondition for living and succeeding in a globalised world. Aarhus wishes to contribute to strengthening its citizens’ international outlook and support diversity. Through international relations, we acquire and impart important know-how.



Internationalisation Committee.

The committee makes concrete suggestions about projects and initiatives to support the internationalisation of Aarhus.



Network activities.

Knowledge sharing is key to the development of trust-based development projects, and the City of Aarhus is a committed member of a number of knowledge communities.



Sister cities.

The City of Aarhus works with a number of sister cities within a variety of cultural and business-related areas for the mutual benefit of the cities involved.



The Central Denmark EU Office.

This is the European regional office for the Central Denmark Region – and thus Aarhus – in Brussels. The overall aim of the office is to ensure that people, businesses and organisations in the region make the most of the EU.



The Central Denmark Shanghai Office.

The Central Denmark Representative office, Shanghai, is the main point of contact between the Central Denmark Region and the City of Aarhus main and all our cooperation partners in Shanghai.


 Interested in reading about the City of Aarhus in Chinese (Mandarin)?


Opdateret: 06.1.2016


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