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Visiting the City of Aarhus

With the aim of strengthening our international networks and the sharing of expertise, the City of Aarhus often welcomes international visitors and colleagues who take a professional interest in specific areas and in the city’s core strengths.

Each year, the City of Aarhus welcomes a large number of foreign visitors who are keen to find out more about how we do things in Aarhus.

By welcoming visitors from all over the world, the City of Aarhus aims to strengthen our networks and create more opportunities for sharing experiences and learning from each other. ´

In Aarhus, we always try to ensure that such visits are as productive and informative as possible, so that our visitors take home valuable new knowledge. We often receive specific requests from our visitors regarding the programme for such visits, but the following areas are often on the agenda:


Opdateret: 23.11.2015


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