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As one of very few municipalities in Denmark, the City of Aarhus is run by a City Executive Board.

The organisational management of the City of Aarhus is called the City Executive Board and consists of ...


  • the mayor 
  • five aldermen who each head a municipal department; unlike the other councillors these aldermen are employed full-time to run the City of Aarhus
  • three aldermen who do not head a political department.


The City Executive Board prepares the meetings of the City Council and is thus responsible for recommendations to the City Council. The mayor and the five aldermen who head a municipal department have the responsibility for implementing the decisions made by the City Council. 



Like the mayor, the aldermen are elected for the entire election period, i.e. for four years at a time. 



What makes the City Executive Board special is that the aldermen are appointed on the basis of the share of votes obtained by each party in the city council election. This means that political disagreements may arise between an alderman and the political majority in the City Council. 


More information on the City Council 


Municipal departments:

Mayor's Department

Social Affairs and Employment

Technical Services and Environment

Culture and Citizens Services

Health and Care

Children and Young People



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