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In Denmark there is a cultural and societal tradition of volunteering in some kind of association, that stands close to your heart and which interests you. Naturally the same goes for Aarhus.

Aarhus has a tradition for volunteer work - and the reach is wide. There is volunteer work within numerous areas; from elder care and social work to sport clubs and culture. To be a volunteer is a great way to exercise active citizenship.


There are more than 2700 active associations, clubs etc. in Aarhus. This means that you have plenty of opportunity to find an area, where you will fit right in and which will give joy to both others as well as yourself as a volunteer.


Volunteering connects you to others

Being a volunteer is not only a benefit to the association or club you join, but indeed also for you. Being a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network and gives you a great opportunity to take on new tasks that you not necessarily have worked with before. 


An opportunity to impact your community

The obvious benefit of volunteering is the chance for you to make a mark on your community. Unpaid volunteers help strengthen both the nearby community and the whole society itself. Showing that it´s not a quid pro quo attitude that dominates, but a willingness to help out and contribute where need is, makes a great impact on your community and fellow citizen.


Who can help you become a volunteer?

There are many places to volunteer in Aarhus and sometimes it can be hard to find the right place that covers your personal interests. Someone who can help you find out where to possibly volunteer is Frivilligcenter Aarhus.


Frivilligcenter Aarhus (Volunteer Centre Aarhus) is a non-profit network organisation which aim is to support, develop and facilitate the social work in the local civic society. The Volunteer Centre is for everybody who wants to engage in volunteer work or volunteer organisations. You can book an appointment with one of the Volunteer Centres staff members and thereby find the perfect organisation or association for you.


Volunteering possibilities

You can also check out some of the different volunteering possibilities at Aarhus municipality´s Danish homepage. There you will find such areas as “children and parents”, “sports”, “culture”, “seniors” and “religious” etc.


Volunteer associations in Aarhus (window opens in Danish)


As described there are heaps of ways for you to participate in some form of volunteer work and the ones presented on this page are only a few of many to get you inspired. 


Opdateret: 30.10.2015


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