In autumn 2019, we were called up by Lea, Ester, Shirin, Sarah and Filuka from 5th and 4th grade at Sødalskolen.

The pupils had lots of ideas, on how to improve the tunnel leading from Silkeborgvej and to the school, to transform it into a safe and beautiful school passage.

Their ideas revolved around different lighting scenarious that have now been realized together with Moto Muto ApS, using drawings the pupils have made with street artist Mikkel T. Jessen as the central element in the lighting.

To make the tunnel more engaging, the aspiring designers specified a sensor system integrated in each lighting panel, which reacts to passersby, as well as an audio sensing array, that turns the lights on extra bright, in cases where loud sounds detected, as for example someone shouting.

We're very grateful for having had this inspiring project together with the pupils of Sødalskolen, with their wild creativity and hope you will take a trip into the tunnel, to experience what the pupils have made!

This lighting system has an expected minimum lifespan of 10 - 15 years.