The Internationalisation Committee is a part of an overall aim to strengthen Aarhus´ international profile and to make it an attractive city to visit, study, work and invest in for foreign businessmen, students and tourists.

It is important that international companies and investors understand, that Aarhus is an attractive urban area. Therefore, it was decided to establish a temporary internationalisation committee over a two-year period to develop strategies for increased internationalisation in Aarhus from a business perspective and strengthen the city's international profile.

Purpose of the Internationalisation Committee

Aarhus' future growth and development is dependent on, that the city's business community, knowledge environments and cultural institutions do well in the growing international competition. A strong competitiveness requires that Aarhus is able to easily attract and retain skilled international staff, talents, investors, students and tourists.

The Internationalisation Committees task is to develop strategies and proposals for initiatives that can strengthen Aarhus' international attraction and impact. These actions will contribute in moving Aarhus from being a city in Europe to be a European city.

The committee consists of three town councillors - including the president - and representatives from the business community, organisations, knowledge and cultural institutions.

Focus areas for the Internationalisation Committee

One of the focus areas of the committee is to attract and retain international employees. This is done by making sure that the many different offers to the international employees are visible and that the additional offers are being enhanced by amongst others strengthening the International Citizen Service. This can be ensured with specific offers (e.g. education, housing, jobs) to accompanying spouses and families.

There is also agreement in the Internationalisation Committee, that a good leisure time increases the chance of international families settling in for the long term. It is therefore important that the Committee also focuses on families' life after work/education.

Activities of the Internationalisation Committee

Apart from the overall aim of supporting the internationalisation in Aarhus, the Internationalisation Committee also works with very concrete projects and activities to participate in the international development of the City of Aarhus. The committee has amongst others collaborated with International Community to help inform international citizens about the process of getting double citizenship.