Results of the partnerships

The different partnerships have, for example, resulted in business-related activities such as the sale of know-how, commercial cooperation and business deals, with international partners placing their orders in Aarhus or vice versa. The collaboration between Aarhus and its sister cities has also stimulated learning and boosted competencies and knowledge sharing, marketing and branding, as well as resulting in the establishment of useful international networks and partnerships between the City of Aarhus and its sister cities.

Sister cities of Aarhus


Nordic sister cities
The close cooperation between the Nordic sister cities and Aarhus is due to their historical and cultural ties and their position as the second-largest cities in their respective countries, as well as a mutual interest in exchanging experiences with cities in countries whose political and welfare systems are similar to those of Denmark.

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Harbin, China
The cooperation between Harbin and the City of Aarhus is mainly business-related but also includes cooperation and the exchange of knowledge in the fields of culture and education.

Rostock, Germany
The City of Aarhus and Rostock maintain a friendly dialogue with knowledge and cultural exchanges providing considerable insights into what the cities have in common.

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Kujalleq, Greenland
The collaboration between the City of Aarhus and the Municipality of Kujalleq is based on historical and cultural ties. For example, the cities have worked together within the social and cultural areas and gained new knowledge and insights through an exchange of employees.

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St Petersburg, Russia
In 1989, the City of Aarhus entered into a bilateral cooperation agreement with St Petersburg, and the on-going cooperation between the two cities ensures valuable insights for both cities.
Moreover, the City of Aarhus is engaged in ongoing collaboration and friendly dialogue with, for example, Nova Sad, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Hamburg. The City of Aarhus is also involved in a number of ad hoc collaboration projects, involving for example the exchange of experience with cities and regions all over the world.

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