Schools and day care facilities
Daycare facilities are open for business. The schools are closed bu will open for pupils from 4th grade and younger from 8th of february.

Students at educational institutions
Pupils and students in some public youth education and higher education receive education at home. 

CPR registration at Citizen Service (Borgerservice)
Due to the situation concerning Covid-19 the procedure of getting a CPR number has changed from October 29 2020. 

You must call Citizen Service at 89 40 10 30 (Monday-Friday 10-14, Thursday 10-16). We will help you get registered. This applies whether it is your first time applying for a CPR number or if a CPR number has been issued to you before.

Please do not appear at Dokk1 to do your CPR registration.

Appointments at Citizen Service (Borgerservice)
For all appointments at Citizen Service, except CPR registration, you must book an appointment to visit us at Dokk1. For CPR registration please find the guide above.
Find more info here

Limited use of public transport - avoid rush hour
The use of public transport must be limited and spread over as much time and capacity as possible. Action has already been taken to ensure this, including security for bus drivers.

Some indoor cultural institutions, leisure facilities, etc. are closed
Some indoor public cultural institutions, leisure facilities and similar indoor activities are still closed. Libraries are open for borrowing books.

Please check for limitations in service on the website from any specific museum or cultural og religious institution before planning a visit.

Read more about Coronavirus (covid-19) at the website from The Danish Health Autority

Read more about Coronavirus in English on