Internet Week Denmark is a festival taking place in and around Aarhus. The festival celebrates the success and the impact of the internet on innovation, business, and our everyday lives. The backbone of Internet Week Denmark is a weeklong festival based on crowdsourced events. This means that companies, educational institutions, networks, and individuals contribute by hosting events during the festival. It is a great week of knowledge-sharing, learning, social meetings, and networking.

The festival is first and foremost for professionals. In a questionnaire made by Ramboll, 79 % of the asked participated for professional reasons. 11 % were foreigners.

It brings attention to the impact of the internet economy on growth and job creation as well as to the attraction and retention of talent and entrepreneurship. It is a week of talks, debates, workshops, and hackathons. However, Internet Week Denmark is also a public festival for citizens and students.

The festival is open for all, just like the internet is an open platform for all. The festival was originally initiated by Smart Aarhus and was part of the Smart Aarhus development process in 2012. Since then the festival has grown and in 2018 7.000 participants took part in the festival.